Aurore - Child Beauty Pageant

    "I felt like candy they wanted to devour.

            La Camilla’s Little Princess."

 Posing at the Frou Frou Candies Pageant


2017                                            George Edward Gore


Paris Goddess is the story of a search for love in the catacombs of the Paris underground, strip tease parlors and the glittering ballrooms of French high society. Aurore is a classically trained dancer, raised in a world of child beauty contests. Unable to fulfill the demands of her domineering mother, La Camilla, a “Diva of Dance”, Aurore now dances in a strip club Paris Paradis.

Despite her sordid surroundings,Aurore’s dreams of an exalted love and founding her own dance studio. Two men are vying for her love – one the romantic idealist Paul, living in the Paris underground, versus Xavier, the pleasure seeking man of the world. Only when she makes peace with her devastating past is she able to choose between them and realize her dreams.
Set against the background of terrorist threats in Paris, the story is one of personal transformation and the healing force of love in the world.

  • Tha?s/Acte Deux - M?ditation Religieuse - Symphonie5:39


Aurore's Dream

“A love that flows like a pure stream

 a love that shimmers in the light

      a love that makes the world anew "

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                                                                                                    PARIS  GODDESS

                                          She danced. She loved. And  she danced with love.