George Edward Gore




                                                                                                    PARIS  GODDESS

                                          She danced. She loved. And  she danced with love.

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AURORE: Une grande beauté. Daughter of the “Diva of Dance”, the legendary CAMILLA MONTAVANI. AURORE studied at the Academie Nationale de Danse Etoile but is now a stripper at Le Paris Paradis. Possessed of purity and innocence, through her dancing she escapes the sordid world of  Paris Paradis.

PAUL MARTIN:  Bankrupt entrepreneur in love with AURORE. Principled and romantic PAUL studied in California and is a rebel against the world of privilege in France. PAUL is having his property foreclosed by the Bureau of Les Huissiers (Sheriff’s Office)

HERVÉ THIBODEAUX:Sheriff  (Huissier ) assigned to collect on PAUL’S debts. Father of AURORE and married to CAMILLA. Simple man with a heart, HERVÉ   does his best to exercise his duties as debt collector. His passion is his collection of locks.

XAVIER TEDESCEU:Egotistical and unscrupulous  womanizer - author of a blackmail plot to bend  HERVÉ and AURORE to his will and release PAUL from his debts.

 RÉGINE: Proprietress of PARIS PARADIS. Creator of the most exotic acts in Paris and a river to her beautiful swans – dancers at PARIS PARADIS.

 MAN of The MASK: A presence among the crowds at PARIS PARADIS who AURORE feels is always there and slides letters under her door at the Club.

CONSTANTIN ALEXANDROVICH:The “Lord of the Underground”. Bankrupt Russian émigré of

noble family forced to take refuge from his creditors in the catacombs. 

TAUPO: “THE NOSE”: Through his exceptional sense of smell no one knows the catacombs like TAUPO. TAUPO worked in the French perfume industry and is CONSTANTIN’s assistant.

GASTON De La ROCHEFOUCAULD: (GDLR) Director of the Bureau des Huissiers. A member of the elite circles of power and influence in France.

CLEMENCE De La ROCHEFOUCAULD: Flirtatious, melodramatic and over-weight wife of GASTON who lives with memories of her many past amours.

DÉSIRÉE/TINA:Every man’s sexual fantasy. Works at the Bureau of Les Huissiers and is having a torrid affair with the accountant BROWN.

JOHN H. BROWN III: Head of Accounting. BROWN is trying to bring American standards of efficiency to the Bureau. Married man having an affair with DÉSIRÉE.


CAMILLA MONTAVANI:(maiden/stage name): The “DIVA of DANCE” glamorous, elegant and domineering. Now deceased wife of HERVÉ and mother of AURORE.

BENEDETTO: Priest in Venice and La CAMILLA’s lover.

LADY OF THE LAKE:A phantom like figure who dances in the catacombs.

LANCE: Technology visionary and “king of the surf ”. PAUL’s unstable business partner.

JACQUELINE MARTIN:Artist and PAUL’s ex-wife who he still idolizes.