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                              "For a mighty oak's branches to touch

                                 the heavens its roots descend to hell."

George Edward Gore




  • Tha?s/Acte Deux - M?ditation Religieuse - Symphonie5:39


                                                                                                    PARIS  GODDESS

                                          She danced. She loved. And  she danced with love.

       Full  Length Film and Stage Play - 90 min                                                                 Period: Present                                          
      Genre: Romantic Drama                                                                                              Characters 8 M, 4 F

     French translation:                                                                         Location: Paris

Paris Goddess was read on May 15th 2015 to enthusiatic response by the New  Playwrights Foundation of Los Angeles (founded in 1979 )  Ms. Fanny Daubigny, Professor of French Literature at California State University writes:

                           "A celebration of the French spirit and at times uproariously funny

                                     and at other times deeply moving  message of hope".

Descriptions of the catacombs are based on the author’s expeditions with Paris’s foremost underground historian Gilles Thomas  (author of the Catacombs of Paris (Parigramme 2011) and consultant for feature films  and documentaries (including the BBC, Discovery Channel, National Geographic).  

Descriptions of the world of dance in Paris are based on the author’s research at Paris’s Centre National de la Danse (CND) and CND exhibition « Scènes de bal, bals en scène »February, 2011. The work is inspired by the great ball scenes in the history of cinema including:

- The Leopard – with Burt Lancaster and Claudia Cardinale – filmed by Luchino Visconti - based on the Giuseppe Thomasi novel

- Madame Bovary – with Jennifer Jones, James Mason, Van Heflin, Louis Jourdan and Gene Lockhart    directed by Vincente Minnelli for MGM - based on the Gustave Flaubert novel

The Ball of Count Orgel - with Jean-Claude Brialy, Sylvie Fennec, Bruno Garcin, Micheline Presle Directedby Marc Allégret - based on the Raymond Radiguet novel